Library Wish List

The Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Library depends on donations of members, friends and authors to continue expanding its collection of books by Mennonite authors and about Mennonite genealogy, practices and history.

Members and Friends are invited to consider participating in this effort through one of these options:
1. Sort through your book collection for titles that are on our Wish List or fit our collection criteria and consider donating them to our collection,
2. Browse our Wish List for titles you may have interest in reading, purchase the book and consider donating it to our collection when you are finished,
3. Make a financial donation to PNMHS designated for the purchase of books on this list,
4. Visit our library and check out a book of interest from our collection.
The Status column indicates the date that book was added to our Wish List.

You may view the recent additions to our library at this link.

2017/04/07Redekop, Calvin Wall Strangers Become Neighbors: Mennonite and Indigenous Relations in the Paraguayan Chaco1980
2016/08/28Weaver-Percher, ValerieThrill of the Chaste: The Allure of Amish Romance Novels2013
2016/08/28Shanty, Douglas H.An Introduction to German Pietism: Protestant Renewal at the Dawn of Modern Europe2013
2016/08/28Trollinger, Susan L.Selling the Amish: The Tourism of Nostalgia2012
2016/08/28Shearer, Tobin Miller Daily Demonstrators: The Civil Rights Movement in Mennonite Homes and Sanctuaries2010
2016/08/28Janzen, Rod and Stanton, Max The Hutterites in North America2010
2016/08/28Hurst, Charles E. and McConnell, David L. An Amish Paradox: Diversity and Change in the World's Largest Amish Community2010
2016/08/28Klassen, Peter J.Mennonites in Early Modern Poland and Prussia2010
2016/08/28Stevick, RichardGrowing Up Amish: The Teenage Years2007
2016/08/28Nolt, Steven and Meyers, ThomasPlain Diversity: Amish Cultures and Identities2007
2016/08/28Lehman, James O. and Nolt, StevenMennonites, Amish, and the American Civil War2007
2016/08/26Weaver-Percher, David Martyrs Mirror: A Social History2016
2016/08/26Cates , JamesServing the Amish: A Cultural Guide for Professionals2014
2016/08/26Hinojosa, FelipeLatino Mennonites Civil Rights, Faith, and Evangelical Culture2014
2016/08/26Stevick's, RichGrowing Up Amish: The Rumspringa Years2014
2016/08/26Elder, D. RoseWhy the Amish Sing: Songs of Solidarity and Identity 2014
2016/01/26Prieto Valladares, Jaime; Lapp, John; Snyder, ArnoldMission and Migration:Latin America: A Global Mennonite History2010
2016/01/26Miller, Lynn and Hussein, BedruStewardship for All?: Two Believers - One from a Poor Country, and One from a Rich - Speak from their Settings2007
2016/01/26Ott, BernhardGod's Shalom Project: An engaging look at the Bible's sweeping story2005
2016/01/26Lederach, John PaulPreparing For Peace: Conflict Transformation Across Cultures1996
2016/01/11Klager, Andrew P. editorFrom Suffering to SolidarityThe Historical Seeds of Mennonite Interreligious, Interethnic, and International Peacebuilding2015
2015/12/14Roth, John D. and Beck, Ervin; Edited by Migrant Muses: Mennonite/s Writing in the U.S.
2015/12/04Brandt, Gareth and Kropf, MarleneSpirituality with Clothes On: Examining What Makes Us Who We Are2015
2015/12/04Kropf, Marlene and Schrock, DanielAn Open Place: The Ministry of Group Spiritual Direction2012
2015/12/04Glick, Sally Weaver; forward by Kropf, MarleneIn Tune With God, The Art of Congregational Discernment2004
2015/12/04Stutzman, Rose Mary; forward by Kropf, MarleneSoul Care: How to Plan and Guide Inspirational Retreats2003
2015/12/04Kropf, MarleneCongregational Discipling1997
2015/11/12Hart, DrewTrouble I've SeenChanging the Way the Church Views Racism2016
2015/11/12Various authorsCourageous Women (Abundant Faith: Women's Bible Study)2016
2015/11/12King, David; Starbuck,Margot
Overplayed, A Parent's Guide to Sanity in the World of Youth Sports2016
2015/11/10Franz, WernerBusiness Ethics Rooted in the Church A Theological Paradigm for Christians in Business2015
2015/11/10Oudshoorn, Judah; Amstutz, Lorraine Stutzman; Jackett, Michelle The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Sexual Abuse: Hope through Trauma2015
2015/11/10McCutcheon, Richard; Sawatsky, Jarem; Smith, ValerieVoices of Harmony and Dissent: How Peacebuilders are Transforming their Worlds2015
2015/10/31Hinojosa, Felipe Latino Mennonites: Civil Rights, Faith, and Evangelical Culture2014
2015/07/26Wokeck, Marianne S. Trade in Strangers: The Beginnings of Mass Migration to North America1999
2015/07/15Zehr, HowardThe Little Book of Restorative Justice Revised and Updated2015
2015/06/30Konrad, Anne Red Quarter Moon: A Search for Family in the Shadow of Stalin 2010
2015/06/30Seibert, DorothyWhatever it Takes2001
2015/06/11Wiebe, Katie FunkMy Emigrant Father: Jacob J. Funk, 1896-19862015
2015/06/11Friesen, AbrahamMenno Simons: Dutch Reformer Between Luther, Erasmus and the Holy Spirit2015
2015/06/11Friesen, Berry and Stoner, John K.If Not Empire, What? A Survey of the Bible2014
2015/06/11Zehr, Howard and Amstutz, Lorraine StutzmanWhat Will Happen to Me: Every Night, Approximately Three Million Children Go To Bed With A Parent In Prison or Jail; Here are Their Thoughts and Stories.2010
2015/05/26Weaver, J. Denny editorJohn Howard Yoder: Radical Theologian2014
2015/05/26Schlabach, KyleThe Cow in the Science Hall: A Collection of Goshen College Folklore1994
2015/05/22Wynward, ToddThe Secrets of Leaven2013
2015/05/22Yoder, BobYouth Ministry at a Crossroads2011
2015/05/20Grimsrud, TedThe Good War That Wasn't-and Why It Matters2014
2015/05/20Elder, D. RoseWhy the Amish Sing; Songs of Solidarity and Identity2014
2015/05/19Stutzman, Ervin R.DISCERNING GOD'S WILL TOGETHER; Biblical Interpretation in the Free Church Tradition2013
2015/05/19Hertzler, DanielON MY WAY; The View from the Ninth Decade2013
2015/05/19Miller, Keith GraberLIVING FAITH; Embracing God's Callings
2015/05/18Roth, John D.Practices: Mennonite Worship and Witness2008
2015/05/18John D. Roth and James Stayer, editorsA Companion to Anabaptism and Spiritualism, 1521-17002007
2015/05/15Zehr, HowardChanging Lenses Restorative Justice for Our Times2015
2015/05/15Green Stanley W.; Krabill, James R.Fully Engaged; Missional Church in an Anabaptist Voice2015
2015/05/15Lind, Mary Beth; Hockman-Wert, Cathleen Simply in Season, Tenth Anniversary Edition2015
2015/05/15Showalter, Mary EmmMennonite Community Cookbook; 65th Anniversary Edition2015
2015/05/15Maendel, LindaHutterite Diaries Wisdom from My Prairie Community2015
2015/03/09Steiner, Samuel J.In Search of Promised Lands; A Religious History of Mennonites in Ontario2015
2015/02/09Miller, Marlene C.Called to Be Amish My Journey from Head Majorette to the Old Order2015
2015/01/03edited by Rachel Epp Buller and Kerry FastMothering Mennonite2013
2015/01/03Lachman, Becca J. R.The Apple Speaks2012
2015/01/03Brenneman, Terri J. PlankWonderfully Made; Women, Faith, and Self-Care2011
2015/01/03Brenneman, Terri J. Plank
Practicing Presence
2014/12/02Swartley, WillardJohn : Believers Church Bible Commentary2012
2014/12/02Swartley, WillardCovenant of Peace2006
2014/11/12MC USAA Shared Understanding of Church Leadership, A Polity Manual for Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA2014
2014/10/15Stoll, John D.Inside the Amish Riddle2014
2014/09/28Penner, JessicaShaken in the Water2013
2014/09/17Stevick, Richard A.Growing Up Amish: The Rumspringa Years2014
2014/09/03Borntrager, Mary Christner Rebecca, New Edition Ellie's People, Book 22014
2014/09/03Beachy, LorenChasing the Amish Dream, My Life as a Young Amish Bachelor2014
2014/09/03Rempel, Alexander and Enns, AmalieHope is our Deliverance; The tragic experience of a Mennonite leader and his family in Stalin's Russia2006
2014/06/03Miller, D. PaulThey Made a Difference: The Story of a Unique Civilian Public Service Camp During World War II2014
2014/06/03Janzen, JeanEntering the Wild: Essays on Faith and Writing2012
2014/06/03Nelson, Dawn RuthA Mennonite Woman: Exploring Spiritual Life and Identity2011
2014/06/03Kurtz, ShirleyGrowing Up Plain1994
2014/06/01Mock, Melanie (Springer) and Schneiter, Rebekah (Crover); editorsJust Moms: Conveying Justice in an Unjust World2011
2014/05/30Regehr, Walter translated to EnglishGerman Baptists in South Russia by Johann E Pritzkau2014
2014/05/30Neufeld, Jacob A. Path of Thorns: Soviet Mennonite Life Under Communist and Nazi Rule2014
2014/05/30Ramer, Steven R.Travels with S.T.A.N.D.: A Journey of Adventure, Trust, Hope, and Faith2013
2014/05/30McQuiddy, SteveHere on the Edge: How a small group of World War II conscientious objectors took art and peace from the margins to the mainstream2013
2014/05/30Gingerich, OwenWorrying About Evolution: Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Goshen Conference on Religion and Science2013
2014/05/30Grimsrud, TedInstead of Atonement: The Bible's Salvation Story and our Hope for Wholeness2013
2014/05/30Kouwenhoven, ArletteThe Fehrs. Four Centuries of Mennonite Migration2013
2014/05/30Yoder, John HowardRevolutionary Christian Citizenship2013
2014/05/30Swartz, TedLaughter is Sacred Space, The Not-So-Typical Journey of a Mennonite Actor2012
2014/05/30Yoder, John HowardRadical Christian Discipleship2012
2014/05/30Weaver, Lisa; Kauffman, Julie; Rempel Smucker, Judith On the Zwieback Trail: A Russian Mennonite Alphabet of Stories, Recipes and Historic Events2011
2014/05/30Houser, GordonPresent Tense: A Mennonite Spirituality2011
2014/05/30Aurand, Ammon MonroeLittle Known Facts about the Amish and the Mennonites2007
2014/05/30Camden, Laura L.Mennonites in Texas: The Quiet in the Land
2014/05/30Kraybill, Donald B. and Hurd, James P.Horse-and-Buggy Mennonites: Hoofbeats of Humility in a Postmodern World (Pennsylvania German History and Culture2006
2014/05/30Lichti, James IrvinHouses on the Sand: Pacifist Denominations in Nazi Germany (Studies in Modern European History)2006
2014/05/30Johns, LorenThe Lamb Christology of the Apocalypse of John: An Investigation into Its Origins and Rhetorical Force2003
2012/11/25Kraybill, DonaldThe Amish2013