Family Bibles

We have a small collection of Family Bibles which have been donated to the archives. Shirley (Lais) Martin has gone through the collection and provided the descriptions found in the following table.

Flohr, Issac & Catherine (Yoder) Norman and Sarah (Flohr) Lind. Donated by Marcus Lind.
Headings, AndyAndy had three wives; Leona (Hooley), Adella (Hooley), and Emma (Roth, Kauffman). Donated by Shirley (Lais) Martin.
Hostetler, Levi C. (1832-1921)This Bible was donated (09.14.1994) by the children of Orval and Lena (Kropf) Smucker [Wilma Swartz, Luella Yoder, Allene Smucker-Klassen, Nadine Smucker Young]; it belonged to their great grandfather.
Mishler, M. W.Probably Jacob D. Mishler's grandson.
Mishler, M. W.This Bible belonged to Jacob. D. Mishler, 06.08.1846 - 04.05.1928.
M.W. Mishler was probably Jacob's grandson Melvin Wiles Mishler.
Snyder, ChristianThis Bible is on permanent loan to the PNMHS archives with permission to borrow for family reunions. Includes Jesse Easter and Elizabeth Shupe.
Strubhar, Andrew J.Andrew J. Strubhar family Bible.
Troyer, Amos P.This Bible belonged to Amos P. Troyer and was brought to us by Don Troyer, grandson of Amos and son of Jesse.
Widmer, Daniel M. This Bible was donated by Dan Widmer in 1990 but there is nothing found in it to identify that it was a Widmer Family Bible.
Yoder, HenryThis Bible belonged to Henry Yoder who had three wives: 1. Mary Oswald (10.10.1831 to 11.28.1866) with children Barbara & Amanda; 2. Magdalena Miller (d. 10.25.1893) with children Henry A., Cora, Anna, Mary and Thora; 3. Magdalena Lehman Kauffman (married 1895). Henry had 10 children. Henry Yoder is Barbara (Kropf) Lais' great grandfather.
Troyer, Amos P.This Bible belonged to Amos P. Troyer and was brought to us by Ben Kenagy, son of Mike Kenagy and whose mother was Emma Kenagy, daughter of Amos P. Troyer.