Miscellaneous Collections

The following table is a list of the Miscellaneous Collections archived at Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society. You may browse the list or do a keyword search using the search feature. Once you find a collection you have interest in, just click on the Id # for that collection to take you to the “Finding Aids” [detailed description] for the collection. [If the Id # is not an active link, the collection in not developed]  You are welcome to visit the archives to explore collections of interest.

Id #:Collection:Description of Collection:
Curriculum Materials
V-1.1Sunday SchoolA collection of varied Sunday School Materials dated 1946 through 2007.
V-1.2Summer Bible SchoolA collection of Herald Summer Bible School Series (10 day and 5 day) curriculum materials.
V-2Church-wide Evangelism/Nurture ProgramsA small collection with materials from the Vision 95 and Life in Faithful Evangelism (LIFE) programs of the Mennonite Church.
Photograph Collections
V-3.1Miscellaneous photographsThis collection consists of assorted groups of photographs related to Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference activities and events.
V-3.2Miscellaneous 35mm Slide CollectionsThis is an assorted collection of 35mm color slides related to programs and activities of interest to Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference.
V-3.3MCC Photo CollectionsThis collection includes digital photos of MCC Fall Festival events.
Cemetery Collections
Media Collections
V-5.1Assorted Videocassettes, Audiocassettes and digital files A varied collection of Videocassettes, audiocassettes and digital files of area programs and events including an extensive collection of digital files collected by Ron Diener.
V-5.1.1OMHGS/PNMHS meeting recordingsAudiocassette recordings of OMHGS and PNMHS programs from 1990 - 2008
V-5.1.2PNMC Annual Gathering, 2010This collection contains the raw video tapes from two cameras at the Anchorage 2010 PNMC gathering. The DVD contains the edited final video of portions of the event including Spanish audio provided by a translator.
V-5.1.3Assembly Speakers, 1985A collection of audiocassette recordings for the speakers of Assembly 1985
V-5.1.4Prince of Peace Mennonite Church - Corvallis, Oregon A collection or audio recordings from the Prince of Peace Mennonite Church in Corvallis, Oregon
V-5.1.6Miscellaneous audiotapesAn assortment of audiocassette recordings of conference and congregational speakers.
V-5.2PNMHS CD and DVD CollectionA collection of Miscellaneous CD's and DVD's including some family history, congregational photographs and events and OMHGS/PNMHS newsletters and programs.
V-6Miscellaneous ItemsA collection of Anabaptist games, birth records and homeopathic medicine box.
Genealogical Data
VI-1Oregon Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society Executive FilesThis collection includes the Hope Lind presidential files with pre-Oregon Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society records.
VI-2Grandmother's FlowerGarden QuiltMade by Ruth Neuschwander's Aunt Malinda Troyer Kauffman, late 1800's-early 1900's; current owner Karen (Neuschwander) Kropf, donated by Darlene (Kropf) Anderson; February 7, 2019.
VII-1Large DocumentsThis collection includes Blueprints, Maps and other large documents.