Research Projects

The Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society Archives and Library are excellent resources for topics related to Mennonite History, Theology and Practice. With permission of selected researchers we will share their projects on this page.

 2. December 2016: George Fox University Students help PNMHS
During the month of December, students taking a professional writing course at George Fox University have been working diligently to develop projects that will benefit the mission of PNMHS. A group of students worked on helping PNMHS to start gaining funds for future projects, including:

•  Drafting research grant proposals
•  Finding alternative ways to raise extra funds as a non-profit organization.
The research and work done by these students will provide a great first step to further develop funds to pay for future projects that PNMHS has in store. They also helped people become more aware of the projects already happening and gaining more funds for those projects. Another group of students focused mainly on developing online and printed content. The content developed by these students included:
•  Creating a video about PNMHS
•  Making PNMHS more present on social media
•  Taking new professional pictures
•  Updating and rewriting brochures and pamphlets
•  Updating website content & writing new website content
•  Writing letters to other mennonite congregations asking for donations
•  Creating a blog and email newsletter.
The students were able to apply writing skills they learned in class to help PNMHS update, write, and even create new content. All of the work done by these students will help to further spread the mission of PNMHS to current and new audiences alike. Not only is all the information now current, but these students created ways to help the organization continue provide up-to-date information in a variety of platforms.


1.  September 2014: Vanessa Kauffman’s Thesis Project, California College of the Arts, Graduate Program in Visual  Arts and Critical Studies.

Reading Textile: Vernaculars of Kinship in Discourse and Dress

–  Meet Vanessa Kauffman

–  Watch Vanessa Kauffman Present at Annual VCS Symposium

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