Institution Collections

The following table is a list of the Institution and Service Collections archived at Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society. You may browse the list or do a keyword search using the search feature. Once you find a collection you have interest in, just click on the Id # for that collection to take you to the “Finding Aids” [detailed description] for the collection. [If the Id # is not an active link, the collection in not developed]  You are welcome to visit the archives to explore collections of interest.

Id #;Institution or Service:Description:
Western Mennonite School (WMS)
IV-1.1.1WMS AdministrationRecords of a private Christian school assosciated with the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference of the Mennonite Church, and later the Mennonite Church USA. Materials are divided into four series:
1) School Board minutes, 2) Faculty Meeting minutes, 3) Financial records and 4) Miscellaneous
IV-1.1.2WMS AcademicA collection of documents related to the Academic operations at Western Mennonite School including principal's reporta and correspondence, enrollment reports, faculty memos, finances, handbooks, student aid and evaluation.
IV-1.1.3WMS Student Records and ActivitiesA collection of student records, admission applications, handbooks, activity reports, periodicals and other publications, and alumni association records for Western Mennonite School
Salem Academy
Lake Creek Mennonite School
V-7Elliott Prairie School (public)School record ledgers 1886-97, containing some later records through 1899; photocopies of 1937, 1940 school photos with persons identified
IV-1.5Hesston CollegeBrief historical review of Hesston College by Presidential terms.
IV-2.1Salem Deaconess HospitalThis small collection contains 1 item, the minute book, July 7, 1925-September 15, 1930. (some in German; remainder in English)
Lebanon Community Hospital
Retirement Centers / Homes for the Aged
IV-3.1Albany Mennonite Home / Mennonite VillageContains early documents, organizational and operational documents, programs, clippings and anniversary celebration programs for the Mennonite Village (formerly The Albany Mennonite Home for the Aged).
IV-3.3Hope VillageThis collection includes minutes, correspondence and other documents related to the early beginnings of Hope Village and its operation through 2009.
IV-3.4Rock of Ages/Valley View Retirement VillageAnnual reports, 1980-1982; Policies and mission, undated; State requirements, 1974, 1979; Admittance and patient form blanks, undated; Correspondence, 1967-1996; Board minutes, 1974-1987
IV-3.5Rock of Ages Rescue MissionThe earliest dated entry in this collection is 2 Feb 1954 when the Mission had apparently been in operation for some time. The operations of the Mission were fully assumed by the Bible Mennonite Fellowship, Inc. as of 1 Mar 1968.
IV-4.1Drift Creek CampRecords of a Mennonite camp administered by the Mennonite Camping Association of Oregon. Materials include governing documents, minutes, newsletters, clippings, brochures, and programming files.
IV-4.2Other Mennonite Camps (Mennonite Camp Association)Includes information about member camps with the exception of Drift Creek Camp.
Peace and Service
IV-5.1Civilian Public Service (World War II) (CPS)A collection of periodicals from Civilian Public Service Camps around the country from 1942 to 1951 and includes a 1973 report on a smoke jumpers reunion.
Note: CPS during World War II-Civilian Public Service; after the war (about 1965 and on, it meant Civilian Peace Service and included I-W work and Voluntary Service).
IV-5.2I-W Peace Service (post - WW II) (CPS)A collection of periodicals and other documents related to the Civilian Peace Service years, including individual files from young men serving I-W in Portland.
IV-5.3Voluntary Service (VS)This small collection on Voluntary Service program includes a Guest book, April 1949 to August 1967, Scrapbook of information about the various V.S.ers, 2 Photo albums and Miscellaneous Copies of AGAPE.
IV-5.5Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)This small collection consists of a single item, the 1978 MCC Workbook
IV-5.6Mennonite Disaster ServiceThis small collection includes a few National Materials and Publications, news clippings of Region IV projects, reports and documents.
IV-5.7Christian Aid MinistriesMaterials relating to 2021 Haiti kidnapping of 17 CAM workers
IV-6.2Idaho Mennonite World Relief Festival
IV-6.3Oregon Mennonite Festival for World ReliefThis small collection includes Bylaws and a Brief History along with Annual Festival Reports
IV-6.4Anabaptist Mennonite SeminaryA small collection of assorted documents, reports programs & Correspondence.