Conference Collections

The following table is a list of the Conference Collections archived at Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society. You may browse the list or do a keyword search using the search feature . Once you find a collection you have interest in, just click on the Id # for that collection to take you to the “Finding Aids” [detailed description] for the collection. You are welcome to visit the archives to explore collections of interest.

Id #:Conference Collection:Description of Collection:
III-1Mennonite Church (MC)
III-1.3Southwest Mennonite ConferenceThis small collection includes delegate information from 1988 - 1994.
III-5.1Bible Mennonite FellowshipBible Mennonite Fellowship organizational records, mission newsletters, and Ministerial Meeting minutes; Bible Conference and other event programs held at affiliated churches; a few materials relating to Rock of Ages Rescue Mission and Rock of Ages Home for the Aged
III-1.1.5PCC Peace and Justice CommitteeThis small collection includes an assortment of Peace and Justice resources.
III-1.2Mennonite General Conference / General AssemblyA collection of programs and reports for the biennial gatherings of the (old) Mennonite Church.
III-1.1.4PCC Women's ActivitiesThis collection includes the constitution, history, correspondence, secretarial and financial records and some miscellaneous documents for the organized Women's Activities for the Pacific Coast Conference.
III-1.1Pacific Coast Conference (PCC)This small collection includes conference programs and reports and Ministers' Meeting programs for the Pacific Coast Conference of the Mennonite Church.
III-1.1.6PCC Conference HistorianThis small collection includes reports from PCC historians: Paul E. Yoder, Dan Widmer, Hope Lind and Margaret Shetler; correspondence; inventories and articles.
III-1.1.7MC/PCC ConsultationsA collection of documents related to consultations between Mennonite Church and Pacific Coast Conference.
III-4Mennonite World ConferenceThis small collection has reports on some of the gatherings of the Mennonite World Conference.
III-3.1.3Mennonite WomenDocuments including history, planning, organization, operations and records for Mennonite Women.
III-3.1.4Mennonite MenA small collection of Mennonite Men activities in the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference.
III-1.2.1Mennonite Commission for Christian EducationThis small collection includes reports for the Mennonite Commission for Christian Education meetings and related materials.
III-3.1Pacific Northwest Mennonite ConferenceThis collection contains the pre-integration planning for the merger of Pacific Coast Conference and Pacific District Conference and the operational records of the resulting Pacific Coast Mennonite Conference.
III-3.1.2Evangelism and Mission Committee (E&MC)The operational records of the Evangelism and Missions Committee of the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference of Mennonite Church USA. Includes history and integration documents, executive committee minutes, mission's minister reports and correspondence, and related reports and documents.
III-3Mennonite Church USA (Merged MC/GCMC)This collection is in the process of being organized and cataloged.
III-1.1.2PCC Mission Board
III-1.1.1PCC Executive CommitteeThis is a comprehensive collection of records related to the work of the Pacific Coast Conference Executive Committee including Executive Committee and Conference Council minutes, Congregational statistics and yearbook data, conference session and financial reports, correspondence and pertinent information related to congregational and conference issues and programs and other important documents related to the work of the committee.
III-1.1.3PCC Christian NurtureThis collection includes the minutes, reports, correspondence and programs of the various committees and commissions planning and directing Christian Nurture in the Pacific Coast Conference.
III-8Mennonite Church General BoardA very small collectiion of miscellaneous records from the Mennonite Church General Board.
III-1.2.2Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities/Mennonite Board of MissionsThe Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities (MBMC) was the mission arm of the Mennonite Church. Following restructuring which took place during the 1969 General Conference session, the name was changed to the Mennonite Board of Missions (MBM). This collection includes, programs, minutes, reports, promotional literature, prayer calendars and other documents related to the mission work of the church.
IIIMC USA (Mennonite Church USA)A small collection of conference documents.
III-2General Conference Mennonite Church (GCMC)A small collection of reports and publications for the General Conference Mennonite Church.
III-2.1.1PDC Executive and Trustee CommitteesThis collection of records includes the correspondence, minutes and related documents (conference sessions, publications and financial reports) of the Executive and Trustee Committees of the Pacific District Conference.
III-2.1.4PDC Women's ActivitiesThis collection includes the activities, programs, correspondence, manuals and photo albums for the Women's Missionary Alliance, name later changed to Women in Mission, for the Pacific District Conference of the General Conference Mennonite Church.
III-2.1.3PDC Nurture CommitteeThis conference nurture collection includes constitution, minutes, financial records, activities, programs and miscellaneous documents including the Young People's Union, Retreats and Camping Programs.
III-2.1.5PDC Men's ActivitiesThis small collection contains the organization records, correspondence and activitied for the Mennonite Men organization for Pacific District Conference of General Conference Mennonite Church.
III-2.1.2PDC Evangelizing CommitteeThis collection includes the minutes, correspondence and related records of the Evangelization Committee of the Pacific District Conference and includes congregations and locations where work was done and ministerial applicants.
III-2.1Pacific District Conference (PDC)This collection includes the constitution, history, minutes, reports and programs of the Pacific District Conference (PDC) of the General Conference Mennonite Church (GCMC).
III-3.1.1Conference CommitteesActivities, minutes and reports from committees of the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference.
III-7Church of the BrethrenA small collection of historical pamphlets, conference reports and other documents from the Church of the Brethren.
III-6Brethren in Christ (BIC)Organizational records, minutes, publications and bulletins from the Brethren in Christ Conference.
III-9Assorted Conference MaterialsA small collection of assorted Conference documents donated by Cliff and Lois Kenagy.
Conference Minister Files (Restricted Access)
Pacific Southwest Mennonite Conference (PSMC)
Mennonite Brethren Church (MB)
III-1.4Missionary Evangel