PNMHS Newsletters

The PNMHS newsletter was published biannually until the Fall of 2015 by the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society. Printed copies of back issues of the newsletter are available for $3.00 each from PNMHS, 6030 S. Whiskey Hill Road, Hubbard OR 97032-9406.

We also make our collection of newsletters available online as listed in this table. They are arranged by Volume and Issue numbers showing article title and author; you may view them online by clicking on the Volume-Issue link [it may take a while to download some of the newsletters]. You may search for a subject or author using the search feature.

Margaret Shetler created this Index of Historical Articles in the Newsletters through August 2000.


Our Newsletter Collection

Volume-IssueDateSubject of Article and Author
28-22015, Fall• Memories are Stories Waiting to be Told, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Book Review: Considering the Renegade Amish, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Book Review: Angels by the River, by Ray Kauffman
• Book Review: For His Sake, by Tina Kauffman
• Update from the PNMHS Board
• Remembering That Your Story Matters, by Melanie Springer Mock
28-12015, Spring• Reflections on The Anabaptist Vision and Harold S. Bender, by Ray Kauffman
• What Matters: One Story, About One Man, by Melanie Springer Mock
27-22014, Fall• Shirley Showalter Shares “Blush” at July Event, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Remembering Fifty-Plus Years of Mennonite Camping, by Melanie Springer Mock
• New PNMHS Web Site Worth A Look, by Melanie Springer Mock
• New Novel Follows Mennonite Family Through the 20th Century, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Ninety Years Ago (A Poem by Mrs. H.E. Widmer), by Melanie Springer Mock
• Obituary for Long-Time PNMHS Supporter Kenneth Berkey, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Making a Case for War to End: David Swanson’s War No More, by Ray Kauffman
• Expressing Gratitude for the Stories We Share, by Melanie Springer Mock
27 - 12014, Spring• Archivist Margaret Shetler: A Quarter Century of Service, by Melanie Springer Mock
• History in the Kitchen: What Food Tells us About our Mennonite Past and Present, by Melanie Springer Mock
• New Mennonite Literature Offerings for Spring Reading, by Melanie Springer Mock
• History Happens, Even When You're Away at Camp, by Melanie Springer Mock
26 - 22013, Fall• Jacob A. Wiebe and the Founding of the Krimmer Mennonite Brethren, by Jerry Barkman
• What Mennonite Cooking Can Tell Us About Our Past, by Melanie Springer Mock
26 - 12013, Spring• Immigrant Daughter: A Monument to Poverty, by Tina Kauffman
• The Lessons of History: Shining Light in Darkness, by Melanie Springer Mock
25 - 22012, Fall• April dedication of library and archives a success, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Building On Our Heritage, by Hope Lind
• Sharing Stories of God's Presence, Now and Then, by Melanie Springer Mock
25 - 1
2012, Spring• Library and Archive to be Dedicated in April, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Preserving the Past, Preparing for the Future, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Some Devotional Thoughts On Faith And Story W/Short Biography, by Charlene Epp
• Through the Desert Goes Our Journey, by Charlene Epp
24 - 22011, Fall• Don't Know Much About History, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Everyday Mysteries, by Lee Snyder
• Other Mennonite Women's Personal Histories, by Melanie Springer Mock
• Snyder's Memoir and the Meaning of Home, (book review), by Shirley Showalter
24 - 12011, Spring• The Amish Mennonites of Lane County, Oregon, by Regina Frey
• Common Threads, by John Sharp
• Ronald Gene Diener, In Memoriam, by Melanie Springer Mock
23 - 22010, Fall• A Note about the Editors, by Margaret Shetler
• Alberta Community Mennonite Church, by Jeanne Zook
• Mid-City Missionaries: Alberta Comm. Menn. Ch./Peace Mennonite Church, by Jeanne Zook
• Mid-City Missionaries: Alberta Community MennoniteChurch/Peace Mennonite Church, by Jeanne Zook
• Peace Mennonite Church, Portland, Oregon, by Jeanne Zook
• A Soldier of The Lord, by Melanie Springer Mock
23 - 1
2010, February• Indian Cove, by Michael Barber
• Indian Cove, Idaho, by Ken Kauffman
• Indian Cove, Idaho History & Map of Area
• Introduction to the Community of Indian Cove by Ivan Snyder
22 - 22009, August• Miller Family In Oregon, The, Continued from OMHGS Newsletter February 2009, compiled by Editor
• Needy Tile Factory, Pictures, compiled by Editor
22 - 12009, February• A Brief History of Six Generations, by Levi J. Miller
• A Trip West, by Elizabeth Kennedy
• The Miller Family in Oregon, Introduction
21 - 22008, August• Antique Wheels and Cars, Story & Pictures by Newsletter Editor Ron Diener
• From Oregon to Kansas in a Model T, by Marcus Lind
• Our Heritage of Music, by Mary K. Oyer
21 - 12008, February• A Mennonite Pilgrimage, by Jerry Barkman
• Hochstetler/Hostetler/Hochstedler Reunion, by Editor
• Mose Brenneman 1881-1957, by Editor
• Places I Have Lived, by R. Frances Diener, 1999, by Editor
20 - 22007, August• In Memorium, John Snyder, Charity Kropf, Verelda Roth, by Editor
• A Report Of The Visit Of John L Ruth to Oregon, by Editor
20 - 12007, February• Dryland School and other area pictures, by Ron Diener
• John L. Fretz, In Memoriam, by Ron Diener
• Mennonites and Democracy: What Shaped Us? by Ron Diener
• My Pennsylvania Christmas (Eighty Years Ago), by Ruth Neuschwander
19 - 22006,August• A Story Behind the Story, by Ron Diener
• History of the Firdale Congregation, by Eileen Reist Weaver
• A Cattleboat - My Trip to Poland on the SS Mexican, by Clarence Reeser
• The Families who were Charter Members at Firdale, by Harold L. Weaver
19 - 1
2006, February• Camping Pictures, Portland, and White Branch
• The Camping Program Of The Portland Mennonite Church, by Margaret Shetler
• From Glenwood, Idaho To Salem, Oregon In Six Days, by Margaret Shetler
• My First Teaching Job, by Rhoda (Fisher) Palmer
18 - 22005, August• How Stories Shape Our Present and Our Future, by John D. Roth
• Troyer Family: What Brought The Troyer Family to Oregon? by Margaret Shetler
18 - 12005, April• Book review: "Eyes at the Window" by Evie Yoder Miller, review by Eileen Weaver
• The Fishers of Whiskey Hill, by Josephine Hagen
• Whisky Hill School year 1927-1928--Pictures
17 - 22004, August• Birky Family History: What Drew the Birky Families West? by Neil Birky
• Emmert Family History
• Sweet Home Mennonite Church & Emmert Family
• Historical Highlights of Sweet Home Mennonite Church
17 - 12004, February• A Brief History of Mexico Mission Work of the Pacific Coast Conference, by James C. Roth
• Annual Financial Statement: Dec.1, 2002 - Nov.30, 2003
• Development of Mission Interests, by Margaret Shetler
• Mission Activity of Mennonites in the Northwest
• Mission: Test of Faithfulness, by Wilbert R. Shenk
• Sowing Gospel Seed in Mexico, by Joe Kropf
16 - 22003, August• Hostetler, M.H. ---Zion, by Edward Kenagy
• Our Church Music---Editorial
• Our Published Musical Heritage, by Merlin Aeschliman
• PAX: Acts of the PAX Fellows: Greece, by Raymond Dyck
• PAX: Acts of the PAX Fellows: What was I doing in Germany, by Fritz Mishler
• PAX: How PAX Impacted My Life: Indonesia, by Calvin King
• PAX: The Impact of PAX On The Church And The World, by Calvin Redekop
• PAX: Acts of the PAX Fellows: What was I doing in the Congo Bush? by Larry Graber
16 - 12003, February• PAX: "What Was I Doing in Bolivia?" by Byron Gingerich
• PAX: Building The Trans-Chaco Road, Paraguay, by Robert Ediger
• PAX: How PAX impacted my Life: West Pakistan by D. Richard Landis
• PAX: The Acts of the PAX Fellows: In Europe by Orville Schmidt
• PAX: The Acts of the PAX Fellows: Cim in the Congo, by Merle Kauffman
• PAX: The Congo Rebel Story, by Jon Snyder
• PAX: The Story Behind, by Calvin Redekop
15 - 2
2002, August • A Call to Courageous Living, by Helen Grace Lescheid
• Trip Diary of Troyer, Delilah
15 - 1
2002, February• Amish Roots in Pennsylvania and Illinois, by James Grant Yoder
• Growing up with Yoder and the Yoders, by Muriel Van Veen
• Yoder, Bishop Jonathan Yoder Family-The Prairie Years, by Joel E. Daniels
• The Yoders of Yoder Oregon, and Their Amish Mennonite Connections, by Joel E. Daniels
• The Yoders of Yoder Oregon, and Their Amish Mennonite Connections, by James Grant Yoder
14 - 22001, August• The Family of Melvin Schrock, by Jason Schrock
• A History of Tangent Mennonite Church, by Paul Zehr
14 - 12001, February• Celebrations, by Margaret Shetler
• Norman Aruthur Lind, by Cliff Lind
• Lind: The Trip West, by Lloyd Lind
• Travel Memories, by Suzanne Roth
13 - 22000, August• A Small Cyber-World, by Suzanne Roth
• Nampa Mennonite Church Centennial, by Margaret Shetler
• Researching Mennonite-related Topics on the Internet, by Tom Janzen
• The Second Boat: Amish Mennonite Immigrants to Canada, by Loraine Roth
13 - 12000, February• Genealogical Research in Europe, by Loraine Roth
• Holdeman People: A Brief History of the, (Church of God in Christ, Mennonite), by Caleb F. Heppner
• My Story of Tallman by Al Nofziger
• My Two Heritages, by Suzanne Roth
• One Family's Roots, by Agnes Becker
• Proceedings of the Amish Minister's Meetings 1812-1878---Book Review, , by Margaret Shetler
12 - 21999, August• Finding your Roots in Europe: Switzerland
• Genealogical Research in Europe
• Mennonite Participation in the Lebanon Community Hospital, by Gene Kanagy
• Salem Hospital's Mennonite History, by Lorraine Kauffman
12 - 11999, February• Creation of a History, by Suzanne Roth
• In Retrospect, by Margaret Shetler
• Kauffman, Daniel J., Continuation of Diary: (from Vol 11 Number 2), by Beulah Roth Fretz
• Our Swiss Ancestors Find Asylum in Other Parts of Europe, by Lorraine Kauffman
11 - 21998, August• Recollections of the Great Depression
• Kauffman, Daniel J., Continuation of Diary: (from Vol 11 Number 1), by Beulah Roth Fretz
• Reflections on Thriftiness, by Suzanne Roth
• The Story of Henry, by Merv Birky
11 - 11998, February• Peter Barkman Family, by Jerry Barkman
• From CRIMA TO KANSAS, by Jerry Barkman
• Index of Historical Articles of all Previous Issues (Pages 18 & 19)
• Kauffman, Daniel J., Continuation of Diary: (from Vol 10 Number 2), by Beulah Roth Fretz
• Preserving Photos Becomes Trendy, by Suzanne Roth
10 - 21997, August• Kauffman, Daniel J., Continuation of Diary: (from Vol 10 Number 1), by Beulah Roth Fretz
• The Story of Kauffman, George & Pearl (Shank), by Jeanie Hershey
• Lebanon Mennonite Church, 1956 - 1966, 40th Anniversary, March 16, 1997, by John Willems
• Lebanon Mennonite Church, 1967 -1976, by Ike Kauffman
• Lebanon Mennonite Church, 1988 - Present, by Leslie Jensen
• Mennonite Church History, Notes from the Book, by A. Caroline Birky
10 - 11997, February• The Diary of Daniel J. Kauffman, 1895-March 1896, by Beulah Roth Fretz
• A Review of Mennonite Women of Lancaster County, by Suzanne Roth
• The Pacific Coast Conference: 1906 - 1994, by Margaret Shetler
09 - 31996, December• Preservation & Restoration of Photographs & Records, by Edna Kennel
• Why and How I Do Genealogy, by Vivian Schellenberg
09 - 21996, September• History of the Salem Mennonite Church, by Beulah R. and John L. Fretz
• List of Genealogy books at OMAL, by Hope Lind
• Daniel B. Kauffman Family History, by Bernice Kauffman Yoder
• OMHGS Genealogy Workshop
• Executive Committee Highlights
09 - 11996, February• A History of Grace Mennonite Church, Albany Oregon, by Leon Widmer
• Emanuel Kenagy Family, A Timeline of the Influence in Oregon by Edward Kenagy
08 - 31995, November• Always a Greener Pasture: Mennonite Settlement in Western North America, by Kevin Enns Rempel
08 - 21995, September• Personal Reflections on the History of Bethel Mennonite Church, by John M. Miller
• Roth Family, Christian & Catherine (Rich), by Milo Schultz
• When We Went West (Part 3 of 3), by Katie Lind
08 - 11995, March• The History of Mennonite Brethren Church at Dallas, OR., by Erma Neufeld
• The Family of Gerhard J. Rempel, by Vivian Schellenberg
• When We Went West (Part 2 of 3), by Katie Lind
07 - 31994, December• Care of Photograph, by Edna Kennel
• When We Went West (Part 1 of 3), by Katie Lind
07 - 21994, September• History of the Portland Mennonite Church, by Wayne Gingerich
• The Chris Snyder Family, by Phyllis A. Snyder Miller
• The Chris Snyder Family, by Muriel (Ethel) Snyder
07 - 11994, March• The Amish of Clackamas County Near Needy, Oregon, by Beulah Roth Fretz
• The Story of Issac S. Miller, by Elizabeth Kennedy
06 - 21993, September• Shenk Family History, Shenk, Shank, Schenk, by Wilma Shenk Nisly
• The History of Sheridan Mennonite Church, by Hazel Bebb Yoder
06 - 11993, March• Alternative Service, by Frank Morris
• Alternative Service Work Camps in Canada in World War 2, by John L. Fretz
• C.P.S. Days, by Lester Kropf
• An Introduction to Civilian Public Service, by Luke Birky
• God's Grace, Provision & Direction, by Jeanne Roth
• Oregon CPS Camps, by Clarence Hartzler
• World War I, Conscientious Objector, (About) Orie Conrad, by Amos Conrad
05 - 21992, September• History of Calvary Mennonite Church, by Harold D. Yoder
• Roth, Jacob, Roots and a Branch, by Marjory Nofziger
05 - 11992, March• Heyerly Family History, by Ron Heyerly, Coburg, OR
• Oregon's Early Swiss Mennonites, by Hope Lind
• Our Logo (OMHGS), by Hope Lind
• The C.B. Steiner Church, by Hope Lind
04 - 21991, September• The Daniel Kropf Family History, by Arzalea Kropf Hostetler
• Harrisburg Amish Mennonite Church, by Eldon Birky
04 - 11991, March• Hopewell Mennonite Church, by Allen Schlabach
• Mishler Family History, by Melva Yoder Lloyd
03 - 21990, September• Albany Mennonite Church, by Jerry Brenneman
• Widmer Family, by Viola Kropf
• Widmer Family, by Daniel M. Widmer
03 - 11990, March• Amish Mennonite Congregation, Lane County OR, by Viola Evers Nisly
• Evers Family History, by Laura Evers Weaver
• Evers Family History, by Nancy Evers Weaer
• Rewards of Tunneling Through, by Viola Evers Nisly
02 - 21989. September• Becker Family, by Erma Neufeld
• Pacific Coast Conference Historian Report, by Hope Lind
02 - 11989, FebruaryFairview Mennonite Church History, by Irvin Gerig
01 - 11988, SeptemberProposed O.M.H.G.S.