Congregation Collections

The following table is a list of the Congregational Collections archived at Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society. You may browse the list, do a keyword search using the search feature or sort the list by clicking on the heading of any column. Once you find a collection you have interest in, just click on the Identifier for that collection to take you to the “Finding Aids” [detailed description] for the collection. You are welcome to visit the archives to explore collections of interest.

Note: There are smaller collections of congregational records [1 folder] listed here.


Identifier:Congregation Name:Description of collection:
II-1899.1Hopewell Mennonite ChurchA small collection with assorted records from 2011-2017
II-1977Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship
II-1968Seattle Mennonite ChurchThis comprehensive collection of church records includes Leadership Council & Congregational Meeting Minutes and an extensive collection of sermon recordings.
II-1944Calvary Mennonite Church (Aurora, OR)A very small collection including constitutions and histories, obituaries, programs and bulletins.
II-1913Mountain View Mennonite (Creston, MT)This collection includes historical records, correspondence, project reports and church bulletins.
II-1957.4First Mennonite (McMinnville, OR)This small collection contains bulletins from First Mennonite Church, McMinnville, Oregon from 1970 - 1977.
II-1899.3Nampa Mennonite (Nampa, ID)This collections includes historical records including a list of ordained ministers, constitutions, newsletters and reports on events and programs.
II-1940Sweet Home Mennonite (Sweet Home)A small collection including membership records, history, clippings, correspondence and bulletins.
II-1948Western Mennonite (Salem, OR)This collection includes 1 box primarily WMSC documents and 3 boxes primarily church bulletins, but it needs organization and descriptions.
II-1969Prince of Peace (Corvallis, OR)This is a small collection of bulletins from 1981 - 1986.
II-1956.3Warden Mennonite (Warden, WA)These records need to be organized and described.
II-1894Fairview Mennonite (Albany, OR)A very small collection of clippings, bulletins and directories from Fairview Mennonite Church.
II-1961.1Salem Mennonite (Salem, OR)This collection includes some history and clippings but is primarily a collection of church bulletins.
II-1931.1Alberta/Peace (Portland, Or)The history and operational documents of this Mennonite church in Portland, Oregon.
II-1914Filer Mennonite (Filer, ID)This collection needs to be organized and described.
II-1998Emmaus Fellowship (Meridian, ID)This small collections includes planning and history records, minutes of meetings, legal papers, finances, news and computer disks.
II-1999Albany Mennonite, reorganized (Albany)This small collection includes church newsletters, clippings, annual reports, minutes and programs beginning with the merger with Bethany Mennonite Church in 1999.
II-1984Sunrise Mennonite (Clackamas, OR)This collection includes legal papers, business meeting and church council minutes and correspondence, membership records, program reports, newsletters, bulletins, leadership and financial records.
II-1966Bethany Mennonite (Albany, OR)This collection includes correspondence, reports, minutes, finances, programs, bulletins, membership and a few miscellaneous documents for Bethany Mennonite Church.
II-1965Eugene Mennonite (Eugene, OR)This collection includes the history of the church by Hope Lind and resources, correspondence, minutes and reports related to starting the congregation; membership records including church letters for charter members, directories, organizational reports, photographs and financial reports.
II-1959Plainview Mennonite (Albany, OR)This small collection includes a brief history of the church, programs, minutes, correspondence records, reports and legal documents.
II-1957.2Lebanon Mennonite (Lebanon, OR)This small collection includes history of the Lebanon Mennonite Church and some histories of charter members, business meeting reports, newsletters, directories, pastor information and numerous clippings.
II-1956.1Logsden Neighborhood Church (Siletz)This collection is primarily church bulletins, but also includes reports on Sunday School organization, building dedication, 50th anniversary celebration and some correspondence. The name of the congregation was originally Logsden Mennonite Church, then changed to Logsden Neighborhood Church (n.d.)
II-1950.2Pacific Highway Community ChurchThis small collection includes a brief history of the church including the dedication program, 5 years of bulletins, one annual report and the 2000 membership. This congregation was founded as the Labish Brethern in Christ church with the later name change. The congregation officially closed on March 31, 2000, after nearly 50 years of life.
II-1931.2Grace Mennonite (Albany, OR)This small collection includes a history of the congregation, legal documents, church constitution, financial records, membership records and minutes from board meetings.
II-1924Portland Mennonite (Portland, OR)This collection includes assorted documents including minutes, publications, correspondence, activities, programs, reports and a church directory. It includes documents related to the 25th anniversary celebration written by Myrtle Miller. [Check Claud Hostetler (I-6) and Paul E. Yoder (I-21) collections for additional Portland Mennonite Church records.]
II-1919Bethel Mennonite (near Canby, OR)This collection includes its history, membership records, congregational records, sermon outlines and other assorted documents.
II-1907First Mennonite (Aberdeen, ID)This small collection includes several annual yearbooks for the 1950s and 1960s and an article from the August, 2007 OMHGS Newsletter.
II-1900Menno Mennonite (Ritzville, WA)This collection includes church records, annual reports, newsletters and bulletins for the congregation and annual reports for the Mennonite Country Auction which they host.
II-1899.2Albany Mennonite (Albany, OR)This collection includes a comprehensive set of church organizational and congregational records for the original Albany (Oregon) Mennonite Church, 1989-1999 at which time the congregation merged with Bethany Mennonite Church (II-1966, Albany, Oregon) to form the new Albany Mennonite Church (II-1999).
II-1896Zion/Grace (Dallas, OR)This small collection includes annual report booklets, minutes, register of early families, membership records and catechisms of the Grace Mennonite Church. (some records in German)
II-1893Zion Mennonite (Hubbard, OR)This comprehensive collection of church records includes annual meeting and history reports; minutes of church council, commission and annual meetings; reports from Women's meetings, anniversaries, library, and other groups; bulletins, calendars, phone lists, etc. The records are primarily grouped by terms of service by church pastors.
II-1891.1Emanuel Mennonite (Pratum, OR)This collection includes records of the Pratum Cemetery, 50th anniversary of Emanuel Mennonite Church, and the history of the C. B. Steiner church.
II-1934Molalla Mennonite (Molalla, OR)Molalla (Oregon) Mennonite Church records including histories, biographical sketches, membership records, Sunday school reports, congregational reports and records.
II-1935Indian Cove Mennonite (Indian Cove, ID)Records for Indian Cove Mennonite Church including a History and Memories book, newsletter, sewing circle mintues and records and miscellaneous notes.