This article comes from the September issue of The Mennonite, which focuses on “135 years” of The Mennonite and Gospel Herald.
Twenty-seven years ago, not even I expected to be in this seat. I didn’t know what a Mennonite or an Anabaptist was, but now I find myself at the center of it. I remember my first attempt at getting published in The Mennonite. I wrote a fiery response to an editorial by Everett Thomas, who I believe was editor at the time. My memory escapes the exact context that prompted my response, but part of it was my perception of how Mennonites were applying the peace position. I thought it was hippie hypocrisy, how the peace stance was applied in the church. As many know, I was an Air Force officer before becoming an Anabaptist. I was offended by the idea that my military service somehow invalidated my salvation.
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